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Virtual Academic Tutoring

Book your next session for academic tutoring in Reading and/or Math for students in grades K-8. We meet from anywhere via Skype and I work 1-on-1 with students on strategy based learning. Whether it's homework help, studying for a test or just working to improve a letter grade we can meet as often as you'd like to get the additional support YOU need to SUCCEED!

The flexibility of my virtual tutoring services allows me to work with students during the school day, in after school programs, at home, on weekends, and anywhere in between.

I develop Individualized Learning Plans for all students and track student progress on a weekly basis. I share results with parents and teachers to so that families can make informed instructional decisions.

Our first session includes an academic assessment to know where your young learner is and where I can be the most assistance.

Ideal for home schoolers and gifted students.

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